Batty Biker

November 2015

Tucson, AZ

Batty Biker is the first in a series of whimsical bat and bike sculptures funded by Pima County, of Arizona bats riding bicycles – in this case a recumbent bike. The sculptures are located on sites on the Loop bicycle trail, a 138 mile pedestrian/bicycle trail that encircles the city of Tucson, and runs along side various river beds and washes. Batty Biker is next to the Broadway Blvd Bridge over the Pantano Wash, Tucson, AZ. Bats roost under the bridge. The sculptures mark sites where people can come to see roosting bats fly out at dusk to feed, and return at dawn.

Batty Biker can be seen from Broadway and is a placemaker for the viewing area. The sculpture is fabricated of welded steel pipe, rod, and perforated metal. It consists of an expressionist recumbent bike and a bat, mounted on a 6” dia. steel pole.

Fabrication / Installation Photos