Minneapolis, MN Greenway Coalition Proposal – FALCON

Vote Dates :
March 1st - March 31st, 2022

Fechas para votar :
Marzo 1 - Marzo 31, 2022


We propose this sculpture – FALCON – to improve the Midtown Greenway and the neighborhood.

The body of the sculpture emits light, and lights automatically shine down out of the bottom of the sculpture when people pass by to light up the pavement of the Midtown Greenway entrance ramp below the sculpture and the sidewalk of 18th Avenue South that intersects with the ramp.

It will:

  1. Serve as an iconic landmark to help people find their way between the 17th Avenue South bicycle boulevard and the Midtown Greenway entrance ramp at 18th Avenue South.
  2. Improve lives by providing joy with stunning and beautiful art for all who live nearby or pass by.
  3. Light up a dark area to make it safer and send the message that this area is cared for.


Proponemos esta escultura – FALCON – para mejorar el Midtown Greenway y el barrio.

El cuerpo de la escultura emite luz, y las luces brillan automáticamente desde la parte inferior de la escultura cuando la gente pasa para iluminar el pavimento de la rampa de entrada de Midtown Greenway debajo de la escultura y la acera de 18th Avenue South que se cruza con la rampa.

Va a:

  1. Servir como un hito icónico para ayudar a las personas a encontrar su camino entre el bulevar de bicicletas 17th Avenue South y la rampa de entrada de Midtown Greenway en 18th Avenue South.
  2. Mejore la vida brindando alegría con un arte impresionante y hermoso para todos los que viven cerca o pasan.
  3. Ilumine un área oscura para que sea más segura y envíe el mensaje de que se cuida esta área.

Still Images of FALCON

Al Querido

May 2021

Avondale, AZ

Stephen Fairfield: Original Concept, fabrication, project management
David Olsen: Computer 3d renderings & fabrication CNC files
ToxicClay.com: Lighting design and programming

Created for “Avondale Celebrates 75 years as a City” movement.

Made out of perforated stainless steel sheets, the smaller hearts are fitted with LEDs to illuminate themselves. Smaller hearts are supported and suspended by a tree of pipe-supports inside the larger main heart.

Fabrication / Installation Photos

The Herb Garden

February 2021

Thibodaux, LA

The Herb Garden is a 20 foot tall, monumental stainless steel new media sculpture (LEDs, electronics, motion sensors, proprietary computer programming) created as a placemaker for the Chef John Folse Culinary Art School and its associated bistro at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, LA.

The Herb Garden is so named as it includes a range of expressionistic sculptural elements (containing thousands of LEDS) of herbs used to create the unique flavors in Louisiana cuisine: dill, chili, okra, sassafras, parsley. The sculpture is alive with colors and changing patterns, serving as a placemaker for Bistro Ruth and the culinary art school, so that passersby on the nearby road might be drawn to the site to see what the beautiful changing colorful patterns are all about.

Fabrication / Installation Photos

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