Team Bio

Stephen Fairfield

I have been a visual artist for almost 50 years, for the past 17 years I have specialized in creating public art sculpture and installations and use interactivity in new media installations, contemporary abstraction and whimsy
in static sculptures to engage passersby with his creations. I live in the greater Tucson AZ area.

I have created and installed monumental interactive sculptures placed in a number of locations across the contiguous 48 states. I also have installed many static, non-electronic sculptures.

In 2004 I formed the New Media Public Art Collective, a team comprised of artists/professionals with training in electrical engineering, architecture, 3D modeling, and concrete sculpture. The Collective seeks to make a statement about the natural environment, the impact of humans on the world, or directions culture has taken or is moving towards. The collective emphasizes “green technologies”, and has an expertise in solar powered, new media, interactive creations that use motion sensors for commissioned new media pieces wherever possible.

Along with numerous commissions from state, governmental and private sources I have received a NEA grant for creation of “The Defender”, in Bozeman, MT (installed 06/19) and received a Professional Development Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts (08/18).

Since 2004 The New Media Public Art Collective has amassed significant experience accomplishing public art projects, completing 29 site specific permanent or temporary installations: 24 with municipalities, 4 with NGOs and 1 with the US Government. In Arizona -11; California-7; Colorado- 1; WI -2; VA-2; MD-1; PA-1; GA -1; MO -1; MI–1; L-1; Germany-1, and Italy-1.

David Olsen

David is a young self-taught graphic artist who has enhanced his abilities by earning his BA in Interdisciplinary Studies for Graphic Arts and Digital Communication. He joined the team in 2017, and his first homerun commission artwork was “Global Harmony“. His primary skills are in 3D modeling, vector art, and creating rendered images/animations of the concept art that Stephen wishes to convey to prospective clients.

David has recently taken on the added responsibility of being Stephen’s webmaster, to optimize the layout and information of this website.