Water is Essential to Life Requires Water

March 2010

Sonoma, CA

This sculpture is a combination of text-based art combined with an impressionistic monumental installation of a dripping water faucet to emphasize that water is essential to life, and that life requires water. The heroic scale of the pipe, faucet and water droplet emphasizes the critical importance of water to all of life.

The sculpture’s faucet head and spigot is burnished cast aluminum. A 6” diameter x 9” long cast acrylic water droplet is suspended from the lip of the spigot. The faucet is installed at the top of a 12’ long, 12 ¼” diameter PVC pipe that is painted with sparkling silver acrylic automotive paint.

The repetitive phrase, “WATER IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE REQUIRES WATER…” is stenciled diagonally completely around and over the whole pipe with black acrylic automotive paint, and then the pipe is spray painted with automotive clear coat containing a UV inhibitor.

Fabrication / Installation Photos